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Blink of an Eye

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Petr Veselý / A Knife in the Cupboard

12.05.2021 - 14.08.2021

Fait Gallery, Ve Vaňkovce 2, Brno

Curator: Barbora Kundračíková

Opening day: May 12 2021, 5 pm–9 pm


Petr Veselý handles words as naturally as he does pictures. He develops both from the intersections of the seen/the heard. the touched/the thought. The seeming lightness of these combinations offsets the weight of the material to which the artist always returns and in which his works are anchored. If we understand the creative process as the layering of meanings, Petr Veselý’s work embodies a paradox, evidence of radical subtraction. Within this process, he demonstrates that a restricted position of a viewer does not necessarily mean an equally restricted presentation of a subject, let alone its misunderstanding. 

The exhibition explores the current work of the Brno painter, poet, teacher, curator and author of numerous radio plays and sets it in the context of his lifetime oeuvre, pointing out its inherent constants. 

David Možný / Blink of an Eye


Fait Gallery MEM, Ve Vaňkovce 2, Brno

Curator: Pavel Švec

Opening day: May 12 2021, 5 pm–9 pm


Obstinately precise technical rendering accentuating detail. Emphasis on direct, sensory experience and an almost physical effect on the viewer. Continuously developed expressive handwriting inspired by personal fascination rather than by an interest in the latest trends and tendencies in contemporary art. Spectacularly shared doubts over the distinction of the borders between reality and illusion, between machine algorithms of a virtual environment and a fluid realiy which surrounds us outside the reach of the monitors and displays of our smart devices. These are the main attributes in the work of David Možný, an artist who has earned recognition thanks to his digitally animated videos and video installations. 

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