Tomáš Hlavina


Filip Dvořák

The Ravine – The Room

Tomáš Hlavina / TLNVXYK Puzzle

22.02.2023 - 06.05.2023

Fait Gallery, Ve Vaňkovce 2, Brno

Curator: Ondřej Chrobák

Opening: February 22, 2023


Tomáš Hlavina's retrospective is based on the principle of a variable game plan or the structure of a puzzle, enabling new groupings of earlier and current works including those previously unpublished, entering into unexpected dialogues that expand their context. The installation will thus feature, in new contexts, the intersections of circles of works, or rather, phenomena involving metaphors, models, physical phenomena, tools, analogies and anachronisms.

Filip Dvořák / The Ravine – The Room


Fait Gallery PREVIEW, Ve Vaňkovce 2, Brno

Curator: Michal Stolárik

Opening: February 22, 2023


The solo exhibition of the visual artist Filip Dvořák presents a speculative fiction based on the artist’s short story Strž [Ravine], about a community living in a ravine created by an unexpected sinking of earth. Reflections on faith and hope and views of the world and life are developed by means of an eclectic exhibition environment presenting new spatial installations, expanded and conceptual paintings, hanging objects and imaginative artefacts inserted in visual scenes.

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