unconductive trash / Largely Observed

24.05.2023 - 29.07.2023

Fait Gallery, Ve Vaňkovce 2, Brno

Curator: Pavlína Morganová

Opening: 24th May, 7 pm


The title of the exhibition, Largely Observed, is inspired by one of the terms of the current earthquake scale. It defines a degree of a critical state that is observed but not necessarily viewed as fatal. The exhibition presents new works by a pair of artists (Michal Pěchouček and Rudi Koval) who have been working exclusively together under the unconductive trash label since 2019. The cycles of paintings and installations are divided into several wholes in which the artists explore not only their shared creative process but also some neglected images of the past. Through monochrome work with colour and figurative detail, they tell real stories of the 20th century that strongly resonate with today's lived reality.

David Fesl / The Clumsy Imitator of Artificial Life


Fait Gallery MEM, Ve Vaňkovce 2, Brno

Text: Will Bradley

Opening: 24th May, 7 pm


David Fesl's enduring interest in found objects and visual language gives rise to a new exhibition situation centred on the notions of orientation and delivery. It is based on a selection of sculptural objects created in the past year, presented in Brno for the first time.


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