unconductive trash / Largely Observed

24.05.2023 - 29.07.2023

Fait Gallery, Ve Vaňkovce 2, Brno

Curator: Pavlína Morganová

Opening: 24th May, 7 pm


The title of the exhibition, Largely Observed, is inspired by one of the terms of the current earthquake scale. It defines a degree of a critical state that is observed but not necessarily viewed as fatal. The exhibition presents new works by a pair of artists (Michal Pěchouček and Rudi Koval) who have been working exclusively together under the unconductive trash label since 2019. The cycles of paintings and installations are divided into several wholes in which the artists explore not only their shared creative process but also some neglected images of the past. Through monochrome work with colour and figurative detail, they tell real stories of the 20th century that strongly resonate with today's lived reality.

Mia Milgrom / Mining the Undersense


Fait Gallery PREVIEW, Ve Vaňkovce 2, Brno

Curator: Pavla Sceranková

Opening: 24th May, 7 pm


Despite the fact that there is an immense distance between the explosion of a supernova and breathing in, they are partially conditioned by the same element, iron. The complex interconnectedness of what is happening around us might cause both anxiety and astonishment. Mia Milgrom reflects on this intuitively and seemingly unconsciously through her passion for material. She sees the materials that we know differently than we are used to; steel flows softly under her hands, soap is part of a supporting structure. The author has prepared an installation of three minimalist, mostly metal objects. They revolve, they lead, they fall. They need mutual support, they look for good connections. They show us the world in a different way.

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