the little infinity

Marian Palla

Matter in Eternity

Habima Fuchs

Marian Palla / the little infinity

21.02.2024 - 04.05.2024

Fait Gallery, Ve Vaňkovce 2, Brno

Curators: Denisa Kujelová a Vít Havránek

Opening: 21st February, 7 pm


Each of Marian Palla’s exhibition is an event following the creative idea of a picture, a poem, a koan. Likewise, this exhibition, his largest to date, would be hard to squeeze into the title of a show or retrospective. It shows the wide scope of the artist’s work produced over forty years, but came into existence in the same way as his individual pieces are created as an instantly discovered ability for artistic action which works with its own memory and aesthetic programme, yet is not restricted by them.

Habima Fuchs / Matter in Eternity


Fait Gallery MEM, Ve Vaňkovce 2, Brno

Curator: Šimon Kadlčák

Opening: 21st February, 7 pm


The “Matter in Eternity” exhibition continues the long-term exploration of the deep phenomena of life relating to the material and immaterial levels of existence. Habima Fuchs in her art practice creates installations as sets of associations whose interconnection gives rise to different spaces that are both real and imaginary. It is the observer that can expand these spaces through his or her imagination of eternity.

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