Fait Gallery 

6/10/2021 – 8/1/2022

Opening: 6/10/2021 

Curatorial concept: Boris Ondreička

Architectural design: studeny architekti


On October 6 we will be opening the exceptional exhibition REGISTRATION OF STANO FILKO at the Fait Gallery. It will be the largest ever retrospective of this artist's work in the Czech Republic presented from a new perspective under the curatorial direction of Boris Ondreička. REGISTRATION OF STANO FILKO will show many works that will be on public view for the very first time. 

REGISTRATION OF STANO FILKO is arguably the most extensive exhibition of the artist so far (not only in terms of exhibition space, but especially in terms of the number of works), which has the ambition to technically sort and organise a concentrated selection (register) of his works. It intends to provide a didactic entry into the thesaurus of the vocabulary and grammar of this versatile artist, to demonstrate the logic of his thinking and means of expression and to highlight the astonishing variability of Filko's output. 

Although REGISTRATION presents each of the artist’s periods and typical positions, it does not claim to be a complete retrospective with all of its attributes. Filko's work is still sprawling and diffuse. It needs longer-term research and a definitive comprehensive analysis to which this project will contribute.

REGISTRATION aims to help read and understand Filko's work by providing an overview of his work, including through the architecture of the exhibition. It also wants to make available the biographical and philosophical background of the artist's ideas. REGISTRATION does not perceive Filko as complex and complicated, but as composed and comprehensive.

Stano Filko (15/6/1937 - 23/10/2015) is undoubtedly one of the most prominent figures of (Czecho)Slovak art throughout its history. He is one of the most globally presented Slovak artists - whether at major international exhibitions, through representation in the most prestigious collections, or through respectful critical media reflection. Filko is an integral part of parallel chronologies of global art. His defining position grows out of the components of the permanence (time) of the most current, the first - he is specific in the complex ideological and formal levels. His work is quantitatively very extensive and internally extremely diverse, yet highly systematised. Stano Filko was part of the Biennale de Paris, documenta 7 in Kassel, Expo 70 in Osaka and the Venice Biennale. He has also exhibited in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Barcelona and Rome. Stano Filko is represented in the collections of MoMA, mumok, SNG, Linea Collection, etc.

The project was financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the City of Brno.


Press kit and photos for the exhibition can be found here.


Contact for media:

Tímea Vitázková

+420 601 327 291

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