unconductive trash / LARGELY OBSERVED

unconductive trash / Largely Observed

Fait Gallery 

24-5. – 29. 7. 2023

Opening: 24. 5. 2023, 7 p.m.

Curator: Pavlína Morganová


The exhibition Largely Observed will present new works by Michal Pěchouček and Rudi Koval, who have been working exclusively together under the unconductive trash brand since 2019. The cycles of paintings and installations are divided into several units in which the artists explore not only their joint creative process but also some marginalized images of the past.


The title of the exhibition is inspired by one of the terms of the European Macroseismic Earthquake Scale which, unlike the older Richter Scale, takes into account the intensity of human perception dependent on physical changes. The title can thus also be seen as an ideal state on the axis between the works on show and those who observe them.


The exhibition Largely Observed opens with the pair's first collaborative works in which they tested the possibilities of a joint creative process. The starting points are easel paintings, as well as experiments with different materials and artistic procedures. In a well-planned installation, the artists are exhibiting several brand new independent projects: “In the series gold tint (2022) and virgin blue (2023) we were inspired by research into visual documents revealing suppressed stories and fates of the past (gender parody and cross-dressing soldiers on both sides of the front during the Second  World War and the first women's football teams),” unconductive trash elaborate. Together, the artists machine-sew seemingly abstract images - unconductive chronology (2023) - in which the thread literally becomes an image of time lived here and now, a record of an original creative process. The exhibited cycles of paintings and other spatial interventions are the result of a dialogue between the two artists in and out of the studio. They reflect the sharing of everyday life, a joint search for stimuli to create and a continuous sequence of experiments.


unconductive trash is an anagram of the cities in which the artists Michal Pěchouček (*1973) and Rudi Koval (*1991) were born. Michal Pěchouček is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Art in Prague (1999) and the winner of the Jindřich Chalupecký Prize (2003). His work includes printmaking, painting, photography and video art, as well as other alternative processes such as sewing and embroidery. Rudi Koval is also a graduate of the Academy of Fine Art in Prague (2019), he studied in the studios of Vladimír Skrepl (2015-2019) and Jiří Příhoda (2013-2015), and in 2016 at Middlesex University London. His media involve painting, conceptual art and work with space. In the past the artists exhibited independently in Gumárna, Čáslav (2023); Potential Gallery, Prague (2022) and Nevan Contempo Gallery, Prague (2021). Their work has been shown at group exhibitions in the Gallery of Fine Art, Cheb (2023); ERPET, Prague (2022); Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague (2020); Galerie AVU, Prague (2020, 2019); Prague Quadrennial (2019) and Galerie TIC, Brno (2019).


Press kit and photos for the exhibition can be found here.


Media contact:

Viktorie Chomaničová


+420 601 327 291



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