Habima Fuchs / Matter in Eternity

Habima Fuchs / Matter in Eternity

Fait Gallery MEM

21. 2. – 4. 5. 2024

Opening : 21. 2. 2024, 7 p.m.

Curator: Šimon Kadlčák


The visual artist Habima Fuchs presents in the Fait Gallery MEM space a site-specific installation that responds directly to the layout and character of the former foundry. Its vast, light-flooded hall will become the place of a visual exploration of what concepts such as space, matter/materialization, moment, energy, light... can mean to a person, how they shape human perception and how people themselves shape them in their consciousness, thus connecting their inner world with the outside one.


Matter - the physical world - is the aspect of the world to which a person can relate most easily. It is also the aspect of life that enables us to become aware of eternity that is reflected in the world of elementary particles, minerals and living organisms. Is eternity, then, not defined by either time or space, the one unified moment of man’s attentive presence?


The forms and the repertoire of motifs of Habima Fuchs's work might give the impression of coming from a certain ahistorical timelessness of images, from a collective information archive from which a new work is gradually composed and created as a set of associations, as a map of different levels of realities. And the observer, with his or her individual entry inside, can not only reflect this space but also expand it.


Habima Fuchs (*1977) was born in Ostrov and spent many years in Berlin, where she devoted herself to art practice and later took numerous hiking trips in Europe to study its culture and mythology through direct experience. All of this is reflected in her work, the means of expression of which is most often drawing and ceramics, and occasionally also other artistic media in the form of spatial installations. She currently lives in the Czech Republic and studies, among other things, the theory of the five elements and bioinformation technologies. She has had solo exhibitions in the Na bidýlku Gallery in Brno, SVIT in Prague, Zacheta Gallery in Warsaw, Kunstverein Munich, Biennale Gherdëina in Ortisei, Italy and elsewhere. Since 2003 she has participated in many collective exhibitions in Europe and the USA, her Czech shows were held in the Rudolfinum Gallery, GAMPA Pardubice or PLATO Ostrava. She has had residencies in Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland and Norway. Her works can be found in the Arthena Foundation Düsseldorf, the Museum of Art in Olomouc and in private collections. She has been represented by the SVIT gallery since 2010.


You can find the presskit here: https://bit.ly/3uqxIXF


Media contact:

Viktorie Chomaničová


+420 601 327 291



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