Marian Palla / the little infinity

Marian Palla / the little infinity 

Fait Gallery

21. 2. – 4. 5. 2024

Opening: 21. 2. 2024, 7 p.m. 

Curators: Denisa Kujelová and Vít Havránek 


The current exhibition in the Fait Gallery showing the wide range of Marian Palla's work over more than fifty years was created in the same way as the artist's individual pieces, i.e. as a momentarily discovered capacity for artistic action. Marian Palla was led to visual art in the late 1970s by his interest in expanding the experience of time, the emptiness of the mind and a shared meditation on the basic means and potential of writing, drawing, painting, and making objects. Each of his exhibitions has been an event following the creative idea of a painting, a poem, a koan.


Palla's most distinctive materials include earth, which has been an essential part of his actions since the 1980s, and subsequently also of his paintings, objects, assemblages and, last but not least, his so-called programmatically non-utilitarian ceramics. Thus, in addition to a chronologically and thematically disordered display of paintings, deliberately subordinated to the element of chance, the exhibition in the Fait Gallery will also present works with text, drawings, assemblages and records with an archaeological composition of wooden and clay objects and ceramics in a novel interpretative framework.


Marian Palla (*1953) was born in Košice, graduated from the grammar school in Křenová Street, Brno and then continued his studies at the Brno State Conservatory in the field of double bass (1965-1970). He expanded his education during his teaching career at the Faculty of Visual Arts of the VUT Brno (1998-2014), where he also taught at the Department of Environmental Art (1994-2011). He is a key figure of the “Brno circle” which has co-shaped the unofficial cultural life in Brno since the mid-1970s. After his first solo exhibition in the Youth Club in Křenová Street (1980), he went on to exhibit his work in the Na bidýlku Gallery (1987 and 1996), the House of Arts in Brno (1994, 2016), House of Arts in Opava (2006), Moravian Gallery in Brno (2017), Etcetera Art (2022) and the Steinek Gallery in Vienna (2023). His works have been part of collective exhibitions in the National Gallery in Prague, Sovinec, the Gallery of Fine Arts in Cheb, Courtyard Gallery in New York City and Gandy Gallery in Bratislava. He is represented in the collections of the National Gallery in Prague, Museum of Art in Olomouc, Klatovy-Klenová Gallery, Moravian Gallery in Brno, Fait Gallery and other private collections. He is a member of the Měkkohlaví (since 1988) and Florian (since 1989) art groups and the author of several dozen books (Naive Conceptualist and Chickens, etc.). In 2003 he became the first Czech slam poetry champion and in 2016 was awarded the Michal Ranný Prize.


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