Radek Brousil / HANDS CLASPED

PR – Radek Brousil / HANDS CLASPED
Fait Gallery PREVIEW
10 Dominikánské sq., Brno
7th October – 4th December 2015
Vernissage: 6th October 2015 at 6pm

At the exhibition Hands clasped in Brno Fait Gallery Preview Radek Brousil (1980) introduces a new set of photographic objects and photographs. In accordance with his creative principles also this time he bases his work on his own studio practice. In the past, for example, he put in front of the lens the technical equipment of his studio. By this he brought forward not only the existence of tools that in the background actually influence the design of photographic works, but at the same time he was dealing with them as with the "normal models", and he used them for the still life, or for a figure or geometric abstraction.

At the Hands clasped exhibition the aim and approach are a bit different. The pictures are inspired by studio photographs of liquid and elastic materials and a decision to abandon the traditional format and move the photographs to another dimension. From a semantic point of view, he has actually transferred himself from the photographs as images of reality to their autonomous features - especially the physical, material nature of enlargements. When we are ashamed to say that the photographs are images, without feeling the obligation to add that they are also physical objects, on the top of that objects scenically structuring the white gallery space, we actually personally experience their unusual hybridity. We can, of course, approach them as kind of transformers, that are always what we want them to be, but at the same time we must admit that by this we do not cover their ambiguity enough. But Brousil´s aim is not to expose the inconsistency, but to make real the interleave of two realities of the photos in our minds. Perhaps, that´s why we can – among the scenes in photographs, their formats, and installation – still recognise relationships. Brousil takes into account the dynamics of scenes and derives from them shape and spatial position of the artifacts. The key terms for him are flexibility and fixation, pressure and strain, and the catharsis and movement.
These key concepts can remind us of the intentions of the early avant-garde, not only in the field of photography – for example of futurism. Brousil´s photography (and everything how he proceeds the photos) rather points towards the "outside world and society", towards how we perceive photographs and how we think about them.
Radek Brousil was born in Nitra, Slovakia. However, until recently, he was considered to be a Czech photographer. The opening of the Clasp exhibition, though, takes place only two days before the official start of the show of finalists of the Oskár Čepan Award (the Slovak equivalent of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award) in which Brousil has been nominated, being only the second artist with the Czech nationality during the last twenty years to be nominated. And it is only by great coincidence, that the Brno exhibition opening on Tuesday 6th October will be closed by Pecha Kucha Night 15: Oskár Chalupecký / Jindřich Čepan in PRAGUE / Forum for Architecture and Media on Husova Street in Brno, where, next to Brousil, we will see all other finalists of the two Awards.

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