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LES (Laboratory for Education and Synergy) is creative space for all generations and a place designated for mutual enrichment and education. 

We have prepared a broad spectrum of educational programs that includes art workshops for children and teenagers inspired by current exhibitions, gallery animations, guided tours of exhibitions, and educational programs for schools. The title LES (Laboratory for Education and Synergy) refers to the promotion of education and synergy - cooperation of more factors, whose combined effect is greater than the mere sum. The encounters in LES  are inspiring for both event participants and their lecturers. The common goal is to experience and understand contemporary art in its various forms.

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We regularly offer  WORKSHOPS for children and their parents. And also EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS for SCHOOL GROUPS, which can be realized in English on request.

In view of the current government regulation, we will be adjusting the capacity and conditions of participation in art workshops.
Please email les@faitgallery.com to reserve your place. Thank you!
WORKSHOPS / Open studio
Workshop for children 2–6 years old:
70 CZK / 130 CZK for 2 children / 200 CZK for 3 children
Open studio for children 3–7 years old
70 CZK / 130 CZK for 2 children / 200 CZK for 3 children
Saturday 17 July, 10.00–11.00
Workshop VE ŠKATULCE ("In the Box") for children 2–6 years old
Tuesday 3 August, 10.00–11.00
Workshop ZA ZÁVĚSEM ("Behind the Curtain") for children 2–6 years old
Saturday 7 August, 18.00–00.00
MUSEUM NIGHT BRNO – art workshops for kids and adults
Saturday 14 August, 10.00–11.00
Workshop TLAK & TÍHA ("The Pressure & Weight") for children 2–6 years old
* By attending a Workshop / Open studio, you agree with taking and publishing your photographs for documentation, promotional activities and presentations to the public, in the press, on the websites and social networks of Fait Gallery and its LES department during their existence.







August 7, 6 pm – 12 pm

Brno Museum Night

18.30 Guided tour of the Warm Greetings exhibition with author Kristián Németh and curator Michal Stolárik

19.30 Guided tour of the exhibition Knife in the Cupboard with author Petr Veselý and curator Barbora Kundračíková

21.00 Guided tour of the Blink of an Eye exhibition with author David Možný and curator Pavel Švec


18.00–22:00 Make a notebook with Little Books
Creative workshop for paper lovers of all ages. In the workshop, you will learn to sew a workbook using upcycling. Scraps of beautiful graphic papers will serve as material, which you will save from the container. We will provide all the needs. You take the notebook and the griff home. Price 100 CZK.


18.00–22.00 Art workshops for children and adults
The teaching department of LES (Laboratory for Education and Synergy) prepared artistic activities following the works presented at the ongoing exhibitions and presenting the work of the presented authors. The price is already included in the entrance fee to the exhibitions (20 CZK).


18.00–24.00 Bookshop Artmap, children's corner and Mutter Café


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