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LES (Laboratory for Education and Synergy) is a creative space for all generations and a place designated for mutual enrichment and education. 

We have prepared a broad spectrum of educational programs that includes art workshops for children and teenagers inspired by current exhibitions, gallery animations, guided tours of exhibitions, and educational programs for schools. The title LES (Laboratory for Education and Synergy) refers to the promotion of education and synergy - cooperation of more factors, whose combined effect is greater than the mere sum. The encounters in LES  are inspiring for both event participants and their lecturers. The common goal is to experience and understand contemporary art in its various forms.

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We regularly offer  WORKSHOPS for children and their parents. And also EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS for SCHOOL GROUPS, which can be realized in English on request.
WORKSHOPS / Open studio
Workshop for children 2–6 years old:
70 CZK / 130 CZK for 2 children / 200 CZK for 3 children
Open studio for children 7-10 years old
70 CZK / 130 CZK for 2 children / 200 CZK for 3 children
Please email les@faitgallery.com to reserve your place. Thank you!
Because of the current government regulation, we will be adjusting the capacity and conditions of participation in art workshops.
Saturday 6 November, 10.00–11.00
Workshop BÍLÝ PROSTOR ("White Space") for children 2–6 years old
NEW DATE / Thursday 18 November, 16.30–17.30
Workshop KOSMOS for children 2–6 years old
Saturday 27 November, 10.00–11.00 / 12:00-13:00
Workshop OD ČERVENÉ K FIALOVÉ ("From Red to Violet") for children 2–6 years old
Wednesday 1 December, 16.30-17.30
Open Studio for OLDER CHILDREN (7-12 years old)
Saturday 11 December, 10.00–11.00 
Workshop KOSMOS for children 2–6 years old
Tuesday 14 December, 16.30-17.30
Workshop BÍLÝ PROSTOR ("White Space") for children 2–6 years old
Saturday 8 January, 10.00–11.00
Workshop OD ČERVENÉ K FIALOVÉ ("From Red to Violet") for children 2–6 years old
* By attending a Workshop / Open studio, you agree with taking and publishing your photographs for documentation, promotional activities, and presentations to the public, in the press, on the websites and social networks of Fait Gallery and its LES department during their existence.

Lecture series





December 7

Daniel Grúň & Vít Havránek_STANO FILKO_realism, spirituality and evolution


On Tuesday, December 7 we cordially invite you to lectures by Daniel Grúň and Vít Havránek with the participation of the curator Boris Ondreička.

5 pm
Daniel Grúň - White space in white space: radical realism and secular spirituality

The lecture will be mainly about sensitivity, which is tied to the representation and perception of empty infinite space. In the years 1973-74 Stano Filko - Miloš Laky - Ján Zavarský formulated the experience and program of artistic research of non-physical white space in white space, which is defined as pure and infinite. It started with discussions on the boundaries of science and art during the preparation of futurological projects on the issue of time, where they researched time in a transhistorical perspective in a non-linear past-future-present perspective. If the authors of the team project opposed the tradition of empirical and rationalist philosophy, it does not mean that they did not accept the assumptions of intuition and imagination. 
In the lecture, Daniel Grúň will try to verify whether or not communication is canceled, whether it is rather established on a different mode of representation, which is not defined by a mimetic principle, but precisely on the basis of the use of intuition as a certain principle of viewing art. The lecture will introduce this art project into the discussion in the context of the terms radical realism and secular spirituality, while trying to compare with the work of other authors of the global neo- and post-avant-garde.
In connection with the lecture will be presented a new publication WHITE SPACE IN WHITE SPACE / BIELY PRIESTOR V BIELOM PRIESTORE Stano Filko, Miloš Laky, Ján Zavarský. 1973−1982 (Editors: Daniel Grúň, Christian Höller, Kathrin Rhomberg).

6 pm
Vít Havránek - Stano Filko: Creation as an Evolutionary Project

Vít Havránek collaborated with Stano Filko since 1999 and co-curated several of his exhibitions (including workshop in tranzit, Bratislava) and presentations (Tate Modern, etc.). In the lecture connected with the guided tour of the exhibition REGISTRATION OF STANO FILKO, he will focus on the evolution of Filko's work - the environmental works of the 1960s, White Space, metaphysical speculations of wild painting. He will note the connection with conceptual art, New Realism, Yves Klein, etc. and will search for the sources of Filko's ruralism and the thematization of national identity in his work.

Lectures will take place in Czech and Slovak.
Due to the limited capacity, please reserve a place by e-mail at fg@faitgallery.com.

Due to anti-pandemic measures, participation will be allowed only to persons with vaccination or confirmation of overcoming covid-19 disease.

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