06.10.2021 - 08.01.2022

Fait Gallery, Ve Vaňkovce 2, Brno

Curatorial concept: Boris Ondreička

Exhibition architecture: studeny architekti

Opening: 6. 10. 2021, 7 pm


REGISTRATION OF STANO FILKO is arguably the most extensive exhibition of the artist so far (not only in terms of exhibition space, but especially in terms of the number of works), which has the ambition to technically sort and organise a concentrated selection (register) of his works. It intends to do so in order to provide a didactic entry into the thesaurus of the vocabulary and grammar of this versatile artist, to demonstrate the logic of his thinking and means of expression, and also to highlight the astonishing variability of Filko's output on the presently arranged variations of his individual elements. 

Although REGISTRATION presents each of his periods and typical positions, it does not claim to be a complete retrospective. Filko's work is still enormously sprawling and diffuse. It needs longer-term research and a definitive comprehensive analysis, to which this project will contribute. REGISTRATION also aims to aid in the reading and understanding of his work by enabling an overview through the lens of the exhibition’s architecture. In addition, it wants to make accessible the biographical and philosophical background of the artist's ideas. REGISTRATION does not perceive Filko as complex and complicated, but as composed and comprehensive.


Project was created with financial support of Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and
Statutory city of Brno.