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Vladimír Kokolia / The Essential Kokolia

17.10.2018 - 12.01.2019

Fait Gallery, Ve Vaňkovce 2, Brno
Opening: 17. 10. 2018 at 19:00
Curator: Miroslav Ambroz
What is the most necessary thing from Kokolia, what should one carry with them at all times, like an emergency box? It could be, for example, the experience that a picture is not simply a derivate of reality, that we should expect from it much more. In Kokolia’s artistic theology, a picture doesn’t exist without a viewer. Kokolia paints with the awareness of the distance, angles, direction of motion, spent time and manner of seeing which happen to the viewer in front of a picture. The installation in the Fait Gallery reveals the core of this know-how.