FAIT GALLERY is a private gallery institution and its start was initiated by the Brno native businessman Igor Fait, who also sponsors the programme. Besides systematically building a wide ranging and high-quality exhibition programme, the FAIT GALLERY‘s aim is to initiate the development of contemporary art and it extends its spectrum of interest beyond the Czech and Central European context. Apart from the above the gallery also supports private art collecting and consolidation of the collectors in the city with a large art collecting tradition. Through cooperation with foreign galleries the Fait Gallery supports Czech artists with possibilities to expand abroad and on the other hand with the realisation of the exhibitions of foreign authors it brings their work not only to the Brno based audience.

Since February 2012 the gallery, located in the former malt house of the Královo pole brewery in Brno University of Technology premises, served mainly to connect artists, private collectors and audiences. In the space adapted for exhibition purposes, there were, together with the FAIT GALLERY collection of modern and contemporary art, presented also private collections of other collectors. Occasionally, for major projects, the FAIT GALLERY provided this space for individual, large scale exhibitions. In the center of the town, the gallery lent it’s space to new talents in the more intimate FAIT GALLERY PREVIEW.

From March 2016 the FAIT GALLERY resumed its exhibitions in the new building and all its activities merged at a new address In Vaňkovka 2 (Ve Vaňkovce 2). Fait Gallery also includes a café Mütter as well as the ArtMap bookshop. The exhibition plan continues to reflect the current concept of the Fait Gallery. It includes three parallel exhibition projects that cover the entire spectrum of art from the 20th and 21st century: established authors of Czech art as well as contemporary art of the youngest generation.